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    In this course, you will learn how to analyse single-cell RNA-seq data using the Seurat single cell tools integrated in the easy-to-use Chipster software. The exercises and course data are based on the Seurat guided analyses "Guided tutorial - 2700 PBMCs" and "Stimulated vs Control PBMCs".

    You will learn the following topics, and how to perform these steps in the Chipster software:

    • tSNE plot showing how cells (dots) are clusteredperform quality control and filter out low quality cells
    • normalize gene expression values
    • scale data and remove unwanted sources of variation
    • select hihgly variable genes
    • perform dimensionality reduction (PCA, tSNE, UMAP, CCA)
    • cluster cells
    • find marker genes for a cluster
    • integrate two samples
    • find conserved cluster marker genes for two samples
    • find genes which are differentially expressed between two samples in a cell type specific manner
    • visualize genes with cell type specific responses in two samples

    Learning objectives

    After this course you should be able to:

    • use the Seurat tools available in Chipster to undertake basic analysis of single cell RNA-seq data
    • name and discuss the different steps of single cell RNA-seq data analysis
    • understand the advantages and limitations of single cell RNA-seq data analysis in general and in Chipster

    Keywords: Chipster, Seurat, single cell sequencing, RNA-seq, clustering, aligning cells, cluster markers

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