CSC training course for advanced command line use, common GNU/Unix tools, and Bash programming.

To whom: You are already using Linux command line and writing Bash scripts, but would like to know better how do these actually work. After this course you should be able to use command line more efficiently, and write more elegant shell scripts, and fix the misbehaving ones.

The course is organised as an intensive on-line study group. Short lecture type material and exercises contain questions that the students first study independently or in small groups, and are then discussed in the course forum and in on-line meetings.

  • Teacher: Thomas Zwinger

This course will go through the very basics of Linux/Unix utilization, mainly through the shell (text-based user interface). We do not expect any previous knowledge of the topic, just basic skills to operate any computer. No programming knowledge is  expected. At the end of this course the student should survive in a complete shell-based Linux/Unix environment, like one finds when logging into large computing serves, such as those at CSC.

Mainly driven by the current situation, this is a complete online course. It is split into a preparatory phase of one week where the students should read some basic background and install a virtual machine containing the Linux system we use during the course. The second week then will be a mixture of online studies and interactive work.

  • Teacher: Thomas Zwinger

This two day course will cover the very basics of Unix/Linux. No previous knowledge about these operating systems is expected, as the course serves as an introduction to those who are completely new to Linux. Both days have extended hands-on exercises.

The course will give the participant the basic knowledge and skills to use the Unix shell. How to navigate around, copy files and launch applications. In addition to being useful on CSC's servers, basic unix skills may come in handy elsewhere too, and knowing the basics makes later self study much easier. The hands-on exercises also will include a demonstration on how to set up one's own Linux system.

  • Teacher: Thomas Zwinger